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Benetti Moss

Imagine you are in a forest, where the grass and moss on tree trunks rise, imagine the green, cool and smells that caress your senses..


Now imagine this every day in your home, imagine the green which dresses the walls around you, bringing joy, well-being, simplicity and the spectacle of nature to enjoy.


Benetti moss is the easy green which dresses your home of nature. It s made with a natural stabilized lichen wich comes in 9 shades of color, assembled on panels30x30cm or 90x90cm, ready to be installed on your wall. It does not need any maintenance or water, it needs just minimum of 50% humidity which is the same range that you need for your well-being.


Grass Cream City
Forest Rosemary Ocean
Sunset Fuxia Provence


Versailles Manhattan Green Mix