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Extruded ceramic tile, 28 mm thick, available in large formats and five heights. Its tongue-and-groove shape impedes the direct entrance of water to the chamber, thus improving the technical features of the building.



Designed to be placed in a horizontal as well as vertical position. This flexibility in installation, along with its wavy texture, volume and a set of lights and shadows, makes the façade dynamic and, therefore, breaks the static nature of a traditional flat façade.



16 mm thick, reaches 1,200 mm in length. It combines design and lightness, in order to optimize and economize the use of the ceramics in the different types of façade. This piece is especially recommended for renovations.



The lattices made from LOUVERS permit maintaining the aesthetic continuity of the ceramics in open areas, reducing sun exposure and views to the interior without the need for other devices. They permit the more intelligent use of light and, therefore, they favour criteria of sustainability and energy savings.

FAVETON offers a great variety of ceramic slats with a broad range of shapes. The four FAVETON slat times (briol, java, orona and spheric) are available in a length of up to 1.500 mm and are presented in natural colours.


Special Tiles

The extrusion of ceramic pieces leads to obtaining singular designs of pieces. Faveton has a wide range of models and special pieces to cover the basic modulation needs of projects and in order to adapt its pieces to the design of the architecture. Currently, they have various moulds and special pieces. The FAVETON R&D department collaborates in innovative projects, continually developing prototypes and new moulds.