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Visible fixing

With rivets

Fixing the cladding with rivets enables fast and permanent installation of facade cladding. The cladding material is attached at flexible and fixed points to absorb thermal expansion and contraction in the materials used.


System F1.10 System F2.10


With anchoring clips

Fixing facade elements with anchoring clips is especially suited for ceramic and terracotta facade elements. The anchoring clips are available in aluminium and stainless steel and can be made to match the colour of the facade elements.


System F1.20 System F2.20

Concealed fixing

Attaching cladding panels with structural bonding

Using a structural bonding (adhesives) system to attach facade cladding is an economical, concealed and ‘installer friendly’ method of installing facade cladding. The cladding is attached to the adequately pre-treated supporting rails by using a permanently elastic adhesive and a double-sided adhesive installation tape.


System F1.30 System F2.30

Attachment methods for undercut anchors

Facade cladding can also be attached mechanically and can be concealed using undercut anchors. The backs of the cladding elements are provided with cleats with special bolts that are inserted into the undercut hole and fixed by tightening the screws. Each cladding element must be fastened with at least four individual anchors.


System F1.40

Attachment methods for mounting façade cladding elements

Fixing methods involving mounting facade cladding elements have proved to be an excellent choice for effective installation. Composite boards are especially well suited for this kind of installation. The edge-milling technique is applied to process composite boards into cassettes. These are then mounted onto the fixing system and secured.


System F1.50 System F2.50