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Experience is a word of great value. Fortunately, our acting partners at Emco each posess more than 30 years of experience in their fields. One being in the Tiling and Fit-Out Industry and the other in the Interior Design & Furnishing Industry. This combination of knowledge and expertise allows us to satisfy our clients by giving them originality and quality at a good price.


We take pride in is our product range, It is so large that we are capable of supplying our clients, designers, architects or consultants with products to cover each and every single decorative and finishing aspect of a project; from covering the floors and walls to filling up the living spaces with furniture and decorative items. We are capable of taking on any project structure and executing all of your design ideas and visions to perfection.


Our strength also resides within our capacity to provide alternatives to any item. Value engineering is something of high importance especially when dealing with large-scale projects. With our experience in the market we are capable of offering a high level of flexibility in accordance with clients’ budgets.