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Transforming a vision into reality is sometimes difficult when things start to fall out of the ordinary. That is why at EMCO we try to offer our clients the chance to discuss their ideas and visions with us no matter how different they may be.

This section covers furnishing products, accessories, interior/exterior decoration items, special tiling and cladding all kinds of special Mosaic (Conic Collection (Link to Conic Collection Page in EMCO). It is a section dedicated for customized work and products that stand out from the usual standard.


Considering our market location and region, we also try to offer an arabesque touch to our products with items ranging from custom designed Mother of Pearl inlays in Wood, specialty of Belezza Casa (link to bellezza casa page), to hand made modern arabesque furniture, available in the Dina Gildeh furniture collection (Link to Dina Gildeh Page in EMCO).

We try to satisfy our clients with whatever decorative elements they seek whether it is a piece of furniture, tiling, cladding, counter top, decorative product, even a bath tub completely covered in Gemstone (Raama Export link to raama export page in EMCO website), we’ve got that covered!




Bellezza Casa Conic Collection Ramaa Export
Dina Gildeh Furniture