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EMCO cares for the environment, that is why we decided to partner up with one of the most eco-friendly stone companies in the world. For Biopietra, Green Housing is not a style or the latest trend, but a conviction that the equation “green = life”, should be the goal of the building market.

Biopietra®: for leed certification Zero emissions in the sustainable house that has a “Bio Heart”

  • 100% of recovered industrial waste: materials discarded during the production cycle because they did not conform to quality standards, are fully recovered. Zero emissions of smoke and vapours in the atmosphere.
  • 100% of recovery water recycled:in the overall production process, Biopietra® retrieves all of the waste water produced internally.
  • 100% of construction site waste is recyclable.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.

All packaging material of Biopietra products is completely recyclable. Human health and the environment are essential values for Biopietra® who has long been committed to promote through innovation the culture of sustainability in the construction market. Kerma is now a partner of the Green Building Council Italy and there are many testimonies that demonstrate Biopietra®’s strength and real commitment in the production of materials with a low environmental impact.