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Furniture is essential to our every-day lives. We use it at home, while we’re working and when we’re out shopping, at the cinema or travelling. Well-designed and researched furniture can improve our quality of life - when we like how it looks it gives us pleasure and when it makes us comfortable it can increase our efficiency and productivity.

Aesthetic appeal plays the key role in both design and selection of furniture; at the end of the day it is what gives a home its final look and character. Most homeowners choose furniture on that basis only, others would prefer to focus more on the functionality of furniture; after all, the main purpose of furniture is to support your activities and needs and not vice versa.


How furniture looks is important, and some of the most successful furniture designs of all time are often the most aesthetically pleasing, but the most successful furniture designs of all time look good and work well.


At EMCO we try to offer a little bit of everything when it comes to furniture. We have products for all types of projects whether private homes, offices, commercial centers, outdoor areas, etc. We give our clients the chance to select from a multitude of products coming from some of the best furniture companies in the world. Below are some of these companies:




Dina Gildeh Furniture  Alexandra Colleccion  Gamamobel 
Design Lab