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Faber Chimica Products


EMCO seeks to help all of its client with any maintenance and restoration job. We have a team of engineers ready to come to site and inspect any situation, they will gather information and revert back to Faber Chimica’s team of professionals whom we will work in collaboration with in order to find a solution. Faber Chimica’s strength is their experience, flexibility and expertise in this field.


Below is the list of services that we provide. By clicking on a particular services, you will be guided to a page with all of our products displayed along with their descriptions and technical data:


Cleaning Honing Special Products
Endsetting Washing Polishing Stain Removing
Finishing Protection Water Based Impregnators

The EMCO team does not only provide products but it can also execute cleaning, maintaining and restoring jobs for various stone surfaces and flooring. Our activities include the following:

  • Protection of marble, travertine, terracotta, ceramic, porcelain and other surfaces
  • Finishing products for natural and compact materials
  • Stain removal for all surfaces
  • Polishing and honing for all materials, such as marbles, agglomerates, compact or soft.
  • Detergents and wax removal for any surfaces
  • Specific treatments for specific requests.

If you are unaware of what type of product to use but you are aware of your problem, please click on the below icon which will take you to a webpage in which you will receive a small description on how to resolve your issue. Following that you can contact us at EMCO as seen on the left hand side and we will take care of it for you.