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Misting System


EMCO offers supply and installation services for Misting systems and outdoor cooling manufacturer. Thanks to our French agent Bio Energie Online we are capable to offer some of the most advanced misting systems in the market manufactured by BRUMSTYL, which has 7 years of experience in manufacturing such systems.


Thanks to high pressure pumps (70 bars) particularly silent, the water is evicted through nozzles forming an extremely fine and light mist.

These micro water droplets mix instantaneously with the air thus forming a thermal curtain which refreshes without wetting.


Misting Systems are used for:

  • Outdoor cooling (Tempratures lowered from 12 to 17 degrees Celcius)
  • Living stock conditions
  • To inject products (perfumes, disinfecting, insecticide, odor treatment)
  • To regulate the temperature and the humidity.
  • To remove the static electricity
  • To control dust and eliminate it

Misting Systems can be applied on a private small scale level for restaurants and terraces, as it can be applied on a large industrial scale for factory cooling and dust elimination.



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