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Olive wood International is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of olive wood flooring not in its simple and traditional way but by using the colors of these plants and what the wood transmits and maintains.


EMCO has joined forces with Olive Wood International in order to offer this beautiful product which will add the most original and authentic look to any room’s flooring.


Below are different finishes, colors and shapes in which this type of wood is offered.
The Regale

Created in plank format to exploit the natural beauty of the olive wood’s deep stripes and marble-like patterns.
The Rilievo

It maintains all the characteristics as the Regale, while adding a unique hand-sculpted surface that reveals a beautiful and densely intimate look and feel.
The Masselo

It is available in the classic and the emboss formats. The Masselo is a solid plank of selected olive cuts which develops in its length and natural beauty and character of this precious wood.
The Natura

This is the most valuable product of Olive Wood, it is the Jewel, where every individual piece of wood is hand-laid by their craftsmen.
The Scultura

The embossed version of the Natura. It is highly recommended for bedrooms and spas where the exquisite feed of its contours can be fully appreciated when treading barefoot.

This is the perfect product to use when marrying marble and wood.